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What we do

Within a decade of operations, GT&T has served the world’s energy market by trading and distributing millions of tons of crude oil and petroleum products around the world leveraging on its expertise and logistic networks.


GT&T charter Oil tanker and LPG Vessels of sizes MR, LR-1 and LR-2 on period and time charters. The cargoes carried include LPG, BITUMEN, PMS, AGO, Jet Fuel and DPK.

Shipping Operations

GT&T is geared to the proficient operation of a diverse range of vessels and supports a comprehensive range of services in order to ensure smooth operations.

Over the years, GT&T has developed an extensive network of service providers like shipping agents, bunker suppliers, weather routing services, port captains etc, to provide professional services at various ports of call.


GT&T places a strong emphasis on oil and gas supply to clients worldwide with an emphasis on the West African Region and the European Continent. Our traded commodities are those related to the petroleum industry LPG, BITUMEN, PMS, AGO, Jet Fuel, DPK and CRUDE.

Our focus lies in connecting the sellers and end buyers together in the most valuable and beneficial manner within the oil industry


GT&T are highly capitalized for the level of our business and enjoy sufficient trading credit from our suppliers and banking partners, which helped us to trade and act fast. We achieved a trading turnover of US$ 1.12 Billion in our first financial year of operations. Primarily generated from trading refined products.

Trade Finance Facility

We also provide trade finance facility to our customers which makes it easier and possible for our customers to transact business through trade and helps our customers to improve their efficiency and boost revenue.
In addition, it also helps our customers in obtaining financing to facilitate their business by getting credit from us which ensures that our customers can run their businesses and plan their cash flow more efficiently.
Due to our trade finance facility our customers get new business in their local market that it might not have had without the creative financial solutions that our trade finance provides.

Minerals Trade

We being are diversifying our trading activities by entering into the Field of minerals, mainly in the trade of Lead and Zinc.
Zinc is an important component of the commodity metals complex because of its wide use in the industry, and is an essential building block of the global economy.
Lead is found in ore along with zinc, silver and copper. 80 percent of modern lead usage is in the production of batteries and it’s Futures are available for trading in The London Metal Exchange (LME).
We will acquire these minerals from west Africa and sell to Europe and America, and help build towards global connectivity.