The Company operates across several markets and geographical regions and so the compliance department is assigned with the task of ensuring the company complies with all financial, political, social and environmental procedures, both internationally and locally in the regions they impact upon.

The desk undertakes a rigorous onboarding procedure with all its counterparts where a “Know your customer” (KYC) process is carried out to ensure its counterparts are not only of good financial standing but more importantly have all required licenses to enter a transaction and not in violation of any OFAC regulations. In addition to this, the compliance department indeed ensures that the company itself is always in compliance with all applicable international laws and regulations, but also locally in the regions they impact upon.

We are pleased to say that the company is registered and continues to comply with all compliance procedures with Major Oil companies, trading companies, first class European banks and retailers alike. We continually to reciprocally refresh our KYC vetting of all counterparts on an annual basis.

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