About Us

Who We are

Gulf Transport and Trading LTD works in concert with our stakeholders to provide a complimentary and balanced approach across every aspect of our services. Always adhereing to the highest of professional standards and practices.

Gulf Transport and Trading Limited is an independent energy and commodities company owned and managed by highly skilled individuals with many years of experience in the commodity trading industry. We trade in a wide variety of markets across two continents, Africa and Europe being where its vast experience lies.

Having understanding of what our esteemed customers want, ability to negotiate and secure long term offtake agreement with oil producers, oil refiners, blenders and shipping companies enabled us to respond swiftly to our demands by balancing supply and demand, optimising supply chains and configuring our business around their needs.

Our customers include International oil companies, national owned companies, local oil trading companies around the world

Our business is built upon understanding, mitigating risk. The company’s shareholders are the management staff, this is an incentive for a diverse and stable capital base and business stability which gives the company a long-term outlook and a considered approach to risk management and accountability.

Our business model relies on being able to deliver oil and petroleum products consistently, safely and responsibly.