Risk Management

The company manages market, financial and operational risks associated with transporting various different commodities in significant volumes around the world and considers the risk management department of extreme importance to the company and its partners.

The Risk Management department sets pre-defined limits to the Trading desks of the company where agreed VaR (Value at Risk) sub limits for each trader is set and enforced by company management.

The risk management department assesses the daily MtM (Mark to Market) levels of all the company’s open positions and updates live prices throughout the day through its access to various FSA regulated brokers. The desk reports directly to the company management on a daily basis where fair MtM values are applied and flagged when approaching the company’s VaR limits. We continue to invest in our risk management systems through strategic Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) systems to support the Risk Management team and ensure human error or negligence is mitigated.

Our corporate culture stresses the values of accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organisation to ensure the company’s risk is mitigated and managed and reported efficiently and correctly.