Shipping & Chartering

GTT’s Shipping & Chartering department provides a service to the Physical Trading Desk to secure competitive and reliable freight to move on the product from the loading terminal to the discharge terminal.

The experienced team is fixing vessels of all sizes and characteristics from VLCC and Suezmax Crude carriers, to MR’s and LR’s for petroleum products, to VLGC and LGC’s for LPG.

Our exclusive access to a partner company’s fleet of ships, as well as access to the Time charter and Spot markets allows GTT to offer a more flexible service ranging from cross ocean deliveries of two millions barrels of crude oil from Africa to Asia to small clips of a few thousand tons through intricate and draft restricted channels.

The company maintains a stringent vetting and inspections policy for all vessels before executing any charter party, this not only ensures the safety and integrity of the cargo, it minimises all environmental risk which is important to us and our communities we encounter. In addition to being fully internally vetted to an international standard, all vessels and cargo are fully insured by Lloyds of London registered underwriters.

GTT is committed to the transition to zero emissions shipping and complies with the 2020 IMO Normalised industry baseline emissions standard for all our shipping operations